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Bulletins of Legal Information Service (LIS) have served as the link between our office and our clients for the passage of valuable legal information. Whenever a new important law has been approved we, not only presented its English translation to our clients through LIS, but we also offered commentaries and guidelines on the salient features of the new law and made the law easy to understand and to implement. A good example is the introduction of the Direct Taxation Act as Amended in 2002. Please see the Preamble to the translation that made the law easy to understand and implement by our clients. Mention can also be made to LIS Bulletins specially dealing with the way social security works in charging the contractors a tax-like obligatory premium that must be paid to the Social Security Organization, and detailed legal guides on insurance, employment, patents and trademarks, etc.

Apart from regularly informing our clients of the precise method of enforcement of various laws and regulations, we have been providing our clients as well as lawyers and professionals with fine English translation of various laws, decrees, circular letters and high court decisions. LIS also contains the English translation of economic news and analysis published in the Iranian press that is difficult to obtain in English. The analyses can be instrumental and vital for economic advisors to the international business dealing with Iran in understanding economic trends.

It should be noted that LIS Bulletins are being provided to our clients as part of a package of legal services. The very modest amount of fee our clients pay for this service will make them entitled to benefit from legal services in drafting employment agreements, lease agreements and the like routine legal services that a liaison office of a foreign bank or company or an embassy requires in its day to day activities in Iran. We become your house lawyers and provide you first class legal information at a very modest and affordable fee.

Our annual retainer fee is Rls. 5,600,000 equal to € 430 (euro) and the service may be ordered for periods of less than one year, as well.

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  • You may download all materials published through LIS Bulletins of the past years, before 2009 freely and use them by only referring to us as the source.

    Access to 2009 LIS Bulletin will be possible to all our clients by using the password and username we allocate to you.

    You may also write to us or contact us to get your copyright copies of the translation of Selected Laws and Regulations and Commentaries thereof or to purchase them online.

    For details please send us an email us at or contact Ms. S. Javid in our office.


    All materials in LIS Bulletin is protected by copyright, but maybe reproduced or quoted with proper credit. These Bulletins are provided as a service. Pars Associates does not assume any liability for errors or omissions.

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