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Pars Associates

#10, 3rd Fl., Shahid Alishah Alley, 4th St., Fatemi Ave., Tehran, Iran.

P. O. Box: 14155-7178,
Tehran, Iran


Tel : +98 21 88 95 29 86 - 9
Fax: +98 21 88 96 71 97

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Our Clients

During the past decades, a large number of major international contractor companies in oil and gas, electricity, petrochemicals, construction, roads and civil works, the major international services and trading companies and trading houses as well as the foreign embassies and the branch offices of many foreign commercial and services organizations in Iran have been our clients and utilizing our services.

At present, we continue assisting the representatives of the international business community in Iran, in all their matters including their restructuring, settlement of debts and amounts due to/by them through negotiation, seeking redress through courts and arbitration and by referring to special tax and social security forums.  


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