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Firm Overview

Pars Associates first came into being during the 1960’s when the legal profession in Iran, as it is still being conceived today, used to be the practice of a single lawyer permitted by the Bar Association, working alone in his office, assisted by family members. Some Iranian lawyers like the late Dr. Moini Araghi and S. Golesorkhi Esq. who formed the practice some forty five years ago together with a few others believed that corporate bodies that had just emerged needed the assistance of more than one single lawyer in conducting their businesses.

The group started the practice of Pars Associates in downtown Tehran. The old pictures of the neighborhood area where the first office of Pars Associates once stood in 1960’s have been reproduced here. The firm, in addition to the routine practice of civil, contract, commercial and criminal laws , and litigations also benefitted from the vast knowledge of the Late Musa Sabi Esq. who, not only was a pioneer in reproducing the most reliable English versions of the various laws of Iran such as the Civil Code, Commercial Code, the Direct Taxation Act, the Labour Law and the Social Security Law, etc. but brought the practice to its highest level of perfection. The most acceptable translation works of this extremely knowledgeable Iranian jurist who stood far above all his peers in every professional respect, is still being used by lawyers as the conclusive evidence of their arguments in foreign courts and international forums where the laws of Iran are being referred to. Dr. Sabi always remained independent of Pars Associates in pursuit of the old habit of Iranian lawyers to remain independent and ran a single lawyer office for quite a long time. But the firm benefitted from his expertise and knowledge in many ways.

After the Islamic Revolution in Iran, in 1980, the firm was completely restructured mainly by novices who had served as apprentices in the law firm in the past. From the ashes of the defunct Pars Associates, there emerged a dynamic, versatile and most effective law firm. These lawyers had to work extremely hard in overcoming the problems that the clientele faced in the early days of a nationwide Islamic revolution. However, they were enthusiastic to accomplish their tasks and learnt the good job on the field. We, in no way, compare ourselves, in size, even with medium size law firms in the international arena. But, we do boast of being the one and the only pioneer law firm that was instrumental in solving the peculiar troubles of corporate clients of all nationalities including the Iranian and foreign companies engaged in Iran in carrying out contracts of large projects of power plants, refineries, pipelines, petrochemical complexes, etc. and the foreign and Iranian firms conducting trading, production and manufacturing activities as well as a majority of the embassies of foreign countries and the entities connected to them to facilitate business between foreign countries and Iran. During the past 30 years or so we have been assisting our clientele engaged in all walks of trades and businesses at times that have not been the easiest and most favourable with the aim of solving their difficulties. And, if this was not possible, we shared their concerns and tried to find ways and means of mitigating the hardships. So much so that all our clients, without exception, have always found our office as just a part of their own business and considered us as their house lawyers.

In another arena, we considered it of the highest importance to introduce to the international community, in an expeditious manner, the accurate translation of the laws and regulations, circular letters, legal decisions and decrees as they were being approved and put into enforcement in Iran. To this end, we changed our old practice of publishing a single law at a time to regularly publish all regulatory decisions together will all important interviews and legal news all year round, through the publication of 48 bulletins of legal information service (LIS) each year. LIS found its highly appreciable stance among the international business community in Iran soon after we started to publish the weakly bulletin some 30 years ago through the relentless efforts of our associate colleague Maitre Gerard Guillot now practicing in Paris. (LIS) contains accurate and fine translation of laws, regulations, decrees and various circular letters issued by ministries and government and public organizations as well as important interviews and economic and commercial articles published in Persian dailies and by various Iranian publishers.

LIS has served as the source of procurement of the laws and regulations section of some other Iranian lawyers’ websites. Though such attempt, on the part of some colleagues, is far from being acceptable, we welcomed the move to great extent to help bolstering ties between Iranian lawyers and the international business community. In addition, a great number of the laws and regulations, decrees and circular letters that are of everyday use to the international business community have been translated as they appeared in the LIS in the past are now accessible in our website  with proper search engine have been offered through this website. We are only demanding that you refer to the source after downloading the materials you choose if you wish to use these materials.

Lawyers firms are expected to inform those searching in their websites of their expertise. Generally, a lawyer in Iran is expected to be fully conversant with civil and contract law, criminal, commercial and property laws.

In addition to the above, our firm, through various partners and associate colleagues offers services in the fields of taxation, social security (for contractors), trademarks, shipping, insurance, contract law (local & international), companies law, labour law, oil and gas, maritime law, litigation, agency law, banking law, business consultancy, commercial agency law, joint ventures, customs law and general legal practice

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